A captivating YA tale, perfect for adults or teens. 

Aveline remembers a happier time. A time before her mother died and her father became abusive. Each time the pain becomes too much, she considers running away, but stays for her younger brother, Ethan. 

Everything changes when her father announces he’s accepted an offer for her hand in marriage. Because if she stays this time, she’ll become the property of an arrogant, unfeeling lord. 

Follow Aveline as she flees the only home she’s known while befriending a dragon. Together they start a journey which will lead them to new friends and into a battle they didn’t know was being fought.

Can Aveline find her courage to play her part as a king’s madness spreads across the land?

Turn the page, the saga has begun. 

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Loves Books and Painting ,
wolves, old castles, cheese, and All Things fantasy. 
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