British English versus American English

American readers, please check a book isn't written in British English before you give it a one star and tell them to get an editor. Or that you understand all the differences in the language.

Many people think British written books are full of typo's when in fact they aren't, they are just written in British English. So, I've started to compile a list of differences.

British on the left. American on the right.

Grey – Gray

Towards – Toward

Colour – Color

Flavour – Flavor

Enrolment – Enrollment

Capitalise – Capitalize

Monologue – Monolog

Favourite – Favorite

Fulfil – Fulfill

Analyse – Analyze

Fibre – Fiber

Calibre – Caliber

Vaporise – Vaporize

Dialogue – Dialog

Fulfil – Fulfill

Apologise – Apologize

Saviour – Savior

Neighbour – Neighbor

Criticise – Criticize

Instalment – Installment

Instil – Instill

Skilful – Skillfull

Odour – Odor

Vapour - Vapor

Catalogue – Catalog

Wilful – Wilfull

Spectre – Specter

Authorise – Authorize

Litre – Liter

Skilful – Skilfull

Behaviour – Behavior

Organise – Organize

Theatre – Theater

Centimetre – Centimeter

Diarrhoea – Diarrhea

Meagre – Meager

Pretence – Pretense

Lustre – Luster

Harbour - Harbor

Counsellor – Counselor

Millimetre – Millimeter

Realise – Realize


Judgement - Judgment

Acknowledgement – Acknowledgment

Recognise – Recognize

Aluminium – Aluminum

Pyjamas – Pajamas

Fuelled - Fueled

Fuelling – Fueling

Kilometre – Kilometer

Plough – Plow

Omelette – Omelet

Sombre – Somber

Moustache – Mustache

Sceptic – Skeptic

Axe – Ax

Practise (verb) – Practice ( verb)

Practice (noun) – Practice (noun) The same for the noun.

Practising – Practicing

Whisky – Whiskey

Epilogue – Epilog

Prologue – Prolog

Cosy – Cozy

Woollen – Woolen

Ageing – Aging

Manoeuvre – Maneuver

Tyre – Tire

Mould – Mold

Defence – Defense

Offence – Offense

Honour - Honor

Licence (noun) – License (noun)

License (verb) – License (verb) The same for the verb.

Jewellery – Jewelery

Enthral – Enthrall

Rumour – Rumor

Travelling – Traveling

Traveller – Traveler

Travelled – Traveled

Marvellous – Marvelous

Quarrelling – Quarreling

Splendour – Splendor

Nought – Naught

Labour – Labor

Parallelled – Paralleled

Cancelled – Canceled

Mr Robinson – Mr. Robinson

Mrs Robinson – Mrs. Robinson

If you know of a word not currently on the list, leave a comment below. :)

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