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Updated: Jan 27, 2018

Why I wrote my series Hers To Save as three novellas

Authors choose to write their books in serials for many reasons. The Hers To Save, three part series is dedicated to my life long friend, Paul Humphrey. When I began writing the first part of the book, he was many months into a long hospital stay. So for me, I wanted him to have a chance to see his name immortalised in print. Not only with the dedication, but with a character named for him. Time was running out, so rather than waiting and releasing the story as one complete book, I released The Bound, part one of the tale. This became the best decision for me at the time, after a year long battle with cancer, he passed away two days after the release of the second part. So now as I write the final part of the journey, I carry sorrow, but also the knowledge that he knew how much I cared and got too at least read the beginning of the journey.

To Paul Humphrey, I will love you always.

I have adored you since we were children, before I even knew what that word meant. I have cherished our friendship, even when distance and time apart we spent. I have called you my brother, even though the same blood doesn't pump through our veins. I have loved you forever, and in my heart a piece of you will always remain. You can fly free with the angels now, and drive a bus through the clouds. You can smile that beautiful smile again, that adds a sparkle to your eyes. You can be pain-free now, and not have to be the bravest of us all. You can rest now my friend, though we will miss you forever more.

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