Kelly Blanchard Q & A

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

What is your name?

Kelly Blanchard

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I always wrote. Even before I knew how to properly write, I drew stories. However, it wasn’t until I was 12 that I made the conscious decision to improve my writing skills.

What genre books do you write?

I write a blend of fantasy and science fiction.

What is the name of your book/books?

The series is called ‘The Chronicles of Lorrek’. The first book is titled ‘Someday I’ll Be Redeemed’. The second one is ‘I Still Have a Soul’. The third is ‘I’m Still Alive’, and the fourth is ‘Do You Trust Me?’.

Were there alternate endings you considered?

Not really alternative ‘endings’, but maybe alternative course of events.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Just keep writing. You’re on the right track.

Does your family support your career as a writer?

Yes and no. My parents and siblings haven’t read any of my current series, and they’re not sure what to think of my writing. They don’t belittle it, but they’re not openly supportive of it. However, my husband is very supportive of my writing career and loves my work.

What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?

If I ever have any questions about how a guy thinks, I just ask my husband, and he clarifies for me. I don’t really have trouble writing either sex. I don’t think of them so much as ‘male’ and ‘female’ but rather ‘human’.

Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Depends on the day and what I’m going through as well as the scene I have to write that day. Some days it energizes me. Other days it exhausts me.

What items do you surround yourself with when you write?

I don’t have any specific items. I just grab my laptop, and I sit down wherever is comfortable, and I write.

What is your favourite genre of books to read?

Fantasy usually.

What is your favorite childhood book?

I enjoyed the Chronicles of Narnia.

Do you have a favourite author or one who inspires you to write?

I really don’t have one.

What words of wisdom would you give to someone who wants to be an author?

Take time to get familiar with the craft of writing. The first book you finish writing might not be the first book you publish because you want to make sure you have a firm handle on how to write description, dialogue, character development, plot structure, and so forth. It is okay to write multiple books and not publish them because you are trying to figure out your style of writing. Then, when you are ready, you will be able to publish your book.

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